Summarised below are the main points to emerge from the AGM held on Friday April 26th 2019:

Secretary’s report

  • Last year’s elected committee had met regularly
  • Greg Bryant had come forward to offer his services as House and Ground Chair
  • Perry Keene after 17 years’ service had decided to have a rest from Ground Manager’s responsibilities.
  • He and new groundsman, Alan Johnson, had maintained high standards despite the drought conditions.
  • No replacement had yet been found for Perry and so the Executive had no nominee for either House or Ground manager jobs.
  • 2023 would mark the 100th anniversary of the purchase of Poplar Road site and the Executive were making plans to update the legal basis of the Club and also to make the facilities fit for the next 100 years.
  • The 3 major sections continued to flourish both at Junior level where the Football section has seen significant growth and at Senior level where the sections are fielding up to 7 teams each weekend.
  • Rugby seniors in particular are growing and 3 teams fielded regularly with both 2nd XV and 3rd XV winning their leagues.
  • Cricket section had completed the state of the art nets and they were in full use.
  • Traditional functions had been well attended
  • Record numbers at Annual Dinner in the Long Room at lords.
  • Overall membership continues to grow with increased numbers from the school.
  • Membership records being digitised by Jason Besant to enable easy use of information
  • Death of several prominent members including 3 Past Presidents in Alex Atkins, Bob Cunningham and Alec Turrall.
  • Decision taken to amalgamate the 200 Club with the 50/50 Club—most 200 Club members had transferred.
  • Martin Killerby had taken over the running of the scheme.

Treasurer’s report

  • Net surplus in 2018 of £20553
  • Overall income up by £12849, with main contributors being bar income up by £9336 and car parking up by £4492
  • Expenditure up by £8636 mainly due to extra costs for ground upkeep to mitigate effects of drought.
  • Balance sheet assets up to £160000 with £50000 formally identified as reserves.
  • Recent years’ accrual of reserves should enable  club to embark on improvement investments.

Having presented the accounts the Treasurer expanded upon the Executive’s progress  towards restructuring the club. This included incorporating the club and seeking to register as a Charity or Community Amateur Sports Club. Some legal advice had already been sought and the Executive committee was now seeking approval from the membership to enter into further detail with our solicitors. The Committee were seeking permission to spend £15-20000 on further legal advice. After some questions and discussion the accounts and the legal expenditure were agreed unanimously.

Watson Trophy

This trophy to recognise an outstanding contribution to the affairs of the Association was presented to Martin Killerby for his work in reorganising the 50/50 club.

Election of Executive Committee

President:  Craig Wellstead

Secretary:  David Doerr

Treasurer: Sandy Pfeifer

House and Ground Chairman:  Greg Bryant

Bar Manager:  Mike Stallard

Membership Secretary: Graham Mills

2 committee members to serve until 2021:  Colin Walsh, Jason Besant.

Any other business

It was reported that the school had appointed a new Head teacher from September 2019, Laura Howarth. It was agreed that the Rutlish Members Committee should be reinstated to facilitate good relations with the school.  Craig Wellstead, Zak Dowdall, Graham Mills and Dan Poulter were elected to represent the Association and report back to the Executive.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

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