50/Fifty Prize Draw – 2019 Q4 Results

Martin Killerby

It’s NEVER too late to join the 50/Fifty prize draw. This vital fundraising scheme is ongoing and can be joined at any time. You can find out more about the scheme on the 50/Fifty page of this website. To sign up you can call me on 07715 801684, email me and you can now join via a WebCollect subscription!

Quarterly Bumper prize of £1,000 – John Rundle

December 2019

  • 1st prize – Scott Stoney – £163.34
  • 2nd prize – Steve Corbey – £98.00
  • 3rd prize – Graham Larcombe – £65.33
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Food Hub Update

We hope all our Members and Friends are well during this uncertain time and we look forward to being able to see each other again in the not too distant future. COVID-19 is certainly a worrying time for everyone but we remain hopeful.

As you will all no doubt be aware, we have temporarily turned the Poplar Road club house into a food drop off and distribution centre for the Dons Local Action Group’s incredible project to provide support to the vulnerable in Merton, Kingston and beyond.

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AGM 2020 – Minutes and recording of video conference

The 2020 AGM was held at 19:30 on Friday 1st May 2020 by online video conference. The minutes from the both the incorporated association and the new CIO are available for download below.

As the AGM was held online it was recorded and is also available for viewing on YouTube.

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AGM 2020 – What you’re voting for

This article explains Proxy Voting, answers some common questions and provides more detailed profiles of the Trustees.

Proxy voting

Every member is being asked to vote by completing a proxy form this year. This is so that we can hold the AGM effectively via audio/video conference and members can nominate a representative to attend. We are encouraging members to get together and share a proxy or choose a trustee to act as their proxy, this will make the audio/video conference run more smoothly. Trustees that have already agreed to be proxies are included in the form so you can just select their name without having to contact them.

The Proxy Voting system allows members to instruct a Proxy on how to vote or allow them to vote freely. The form can be found here https://forms.gle/DHL9i7hPxcG3mkBJ9

This is what you are being asked to vote on:

Change to the rules – specifically that the President is appointed by the Board of Trustees and that his role, being honorary, has no entitlements or rights. This change has been requested by the majority of the Trustees and aligns the rules with the constitution which has already been approved.

Appointment of Trustees – please review their personal profiles below or view a summary in the CIO Agenda

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Old Ruts Foodbank gets celebrity support

Old Ruts volunteers have been working with the Wimbledon AFC Dons Local Action Group to help the elderly and vulnerable during these difficult times. You can drop off food items every Saturday and offer your support if you have free time. All the details are in this article if you would like to volunteer or need help.

Our local conservative MP, Stephen Hammond, has visited to see the great work that’s being done at Old Ruts and the campaign has become so popular that it’s attracted some great support from local celebrities. Check out the videos below:

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