The Club will be re-opening the bar for outside service only from Friday 10th. To ensure we follow government guidelines and keep staff and customers safe there will be a number of changes that you will need to follow.

We are taking our responsibilities seriously and have no choice but to implement these practices if we wish to re-open safely for our staff and members. Please remember this is all new to us too and respect the requests of staff and volunteers as we work through this new way of working together.

We’ve introduced a one-way system in several areas and a ‘Social Zone’ where members will be asked to drink whilst staying 2m apart.


  1. The Clubhouse is CLOSED to all members except for the use of toilets. It’s outside service only to start. Toilets are accessed from the front of the Clubhouse only and exit is via the changing rooms. There will be plenty of signage to help!
  2. A ‘Social Zone’ has been created under and alongside an external canopy. Access is via the side of the Club. Follow the yellow arrows –> –> –>
  3. When sport is being played ALL drinkers MUST be in the Social Zone. The Social Zone is primarily reserved for those purchasing drinks from the Club. Parents should still observe their sport’s instructions about distancing from children whilst they play sport or exercise. If you are not drinking and outdoor space is full, you will need to move to the car park area and wait until sport is finished or space becomes available.
  4. You MUST register your visit via an online form each time you come to the Club and purchase food/drinks, socialise or use the toilets. This may be in addition to what the coaches and managers need for organised sport. It’s really easy and takes approx 2 mins to complete on a smart-phone. Details will be provided on arrival and are on every sign/poster.
  5. All drinks have to be ordered and paid for online with a debit/credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay – there will be no cash bar. Details will be provided on arrival and are on every sign/poster.

Getting served and staying safe

  • On arriving head for the ‘Social Zone’, complete your registration and order your drinks!
  • Hand washing facilities and sanitiser are available in the BBQ area and all toilets.
  • Max groups of 6 people. Stay 2m apart.
  • No smoking under the canopy. All cigarette butts must go in ashtrays.
  • Only alcohol purchased from the Club may be consumed on the grounds.
  • When sport is not being played you are free to move outside the Social Zone but you MUST NOT wait on the patio unless you have been told your drinks are ready for collection.
  • Please clear your own tables when you leave, putting all rubbish in the recycling bins.
  • If a cricket ball comes your way please DO NOT pick it up, just kick it back out of the Social Zone.
  • We know you love us but we’ll save that kiss and hug for another day thanks. Stay apart and respect the neighbours when you leave and we’ll welcome you back the next time. 

Opening Hours

Fri 10th – 17:00 – 21:00
Sat 11th – 12:00 – 21:00
Sun 12th – 12:00 – 18:00
Mon 13th – CLOSED
Tue 14th – 17:00 – 21:00
Wed 15th – 17:00 – 21:00
Thu 16th – 17:00 – 21:00

Opening hours will follow this pattern with the following Monday 17:00 – 21:00. Hours may be reduced or extended without notice subject to demand and conformance to rules.

Risk Assessment

The full risk assessment is available for viewing here. If you feel at all unwell or have any symptoms please do not visit us. We’ll still be here when you’re better. Many thanks.

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